An inspiring documentary about true commitment--

what it takes and what it gives back.


An ambitious young woman has the picture perfect life in Boston: she is rising in her career and has a handsome successful boyfriend. But deep down she feels she doesn't belong in that city, that job, or that relationship. 

She leaves everything behind and sets out on a journey to find connection and come alive again.

First she adopts Kaya, a rescue dog who needs a second chance. Then she discovers the joy of Argentine tango. Full of hope and love, Sarah begins to travel the world as a tango gypsy while Kaya enjoys time in the country with Sarah's mother. 

One day Sarah gets a call from her mother: something is wrong with Kaya. On that day, Sarah has no idea that this would be the beginning of a heartbreaking journey through love and loss.

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Film Credits

Produced by: Sarah Martha Jacob

Cinemetography & Editing by: Tom Eberhardt-Smith

Producer/Editor: Laura deNey


Additional Camera & Mix: Mustafa Bhagat

Motion Graphics: Shauna Keating

Post Production Supervisor: Eric Jacobs

Post Production Services by: Flicker Filmworks LLC

Additional Camera: Matt Kehoe MediaRadXSports

Trailer by: Aaron Weisblatt



“Homeward Angel” by Moby, Courtesy of

Creative Commons Music: Broke for Free, Dave Depper, Kai Engel, Podington Bear, Quartet San Francisco, The Kyoto Connection


Miracle and Ongoing Healing by:

Dr. Heather O’Leary, TessaLoo Veterinary Services


Moral Support Provided by:

Susan Marriner (Also playing herself as “Mom”)

Kale Kaposhilin (The Source of All Things)

Ric Dragon, Blair Glaser, and Tameka Ramsey (True Friends)

Kaya's Pack

This film was made possible by the generous donations received during our Indiegogo campaign called “Kisses from Kaya” in September 2014. Thank you so much to our backers:

Jeff Schreiber

Jim Edelstein

Joanna Volante

John Mallen

Kevin Christofara

Kingston Film Festival

Kristin T Berg

Kristina McFadden

Linda McLuckie

Martia Nelson

Mathieu Brossard

Mitch Ditkoff

Nan Tepper

Nancy Plumer

Natalie K Goodpaster

Sarah Gibbons

Scott Lynn Tillitt

Steve & Phyllis Marriner

Susan Marriner

Theresa Widmann


Adriana Malizia

Alper Isgoren

Amy Yozura

Astrid Cybéle

Batt Johnson

Blair Glaser

Bop To Tottom, LLC

Cecilia Dinio-Durkin

D’Artagnan Horner

Daniel Feldman

Dave Leonard

Dawns Dog Boarding

Diana Loehr Stone

Ehren Hanson

Elisabeth Bengtson

Erin McSheffrey

Evolving Media Network

Evelyne Pouget

Franco Vogt

Hale Advisors

Heather O’Leary


Special Thanks to:


The dog who showed me my own beauty.

And how to love all the way.